How It Works

* Our Reading Program strategies will help your children become better readers with fun and active reading games.   

* Our classes are best for 1st - 5th graders.

* We help all levels of readers; advanced, unmotivated, struggling, ADD/ADHD.

* Our classes are also perfect for competent readers who wish to become more advanced readers.
The material is individualized for your child.
* Winning Learners Works because it uses play as its      base.

* As they play while reading children lose their fear of reading.  

* Our students quickly realize they're reading things they didn't think they could.  

*Reading success is key to classroom success.

* The kids are actively moving and talking, not passively sitting and listening.

* Kids are less tense.  They don't worry.   Worry floods the prefrontal cortex and causes children to lose the ability to think clearly and strategically.

* Our reading lessons are efficient and goal oriented.   

* Games, Games and more Games! They're hands on. 

* Our Reading Games are unique, you won't see them anywhere else.
* Many of our reading games for kids are cooperative which nurtures discussion, planning, and teamwork.  
* Low student to teacher ratio.  6:2 child to reading tutor ratio maximum.

* The material is customized for each learner every class. 

* We think outside the box and make learning FUN!!

* Mixed level learning....since each child has a unique reading plan, multiple levels of children can play together while experiencing individualized reading lessons!

* It's Fun!!!!

With Winning Learners your child will...
  • Advance in SMALL CLASSES 
  • Lose their fear and frustration of Reading
  • Quickly Read what they didn't think they could
  • Receive INDIVIDUALIZED assessments and instruction
  • Become a confident and successful reader  
  • Be successful in the classroom
  • Be Motivated!!!
Your child will become a more confident and successful reader.

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