Parent Testimonials

"This program helped my son learn to LOVE reading. Michelle is a wonderful, kind and patient spirit!! I'm so grateful for this program." - Laurie, Austin, TX

"I watched my daughter go from a decent reader to an avid reader over one summer. I can only thank Michelle and her program for this. Fun, engaging, and filled with joy; you could not ask for a better program or a more compassionate teacher. If only I could grant her more stars!!" - Selene, Austin, TX

"We love playing reading games with Michelle at Winning Learners. She has motivated our son to practice reading at home. He loves class and LOVES the games. The program is fabulous." - Leann, Austin, TX

"Winning Learners has worked wonders for my child because it makes reading so much fun.  We've done traditional tutoring but this program is different because the kids are playing games, moving, and having fun.  As a result, my daughter is soaking in the knowledge like a sponge.  She's also having a blast and can't wait for the next class.   The incentive for reading outside of class is also brilliant, I was shocked the first time my daughter came home from WL and begged to read, "for at least an hour!"  This program is genius; I give it the highest possible recommendation." - Sachi, Austin, TX

"The program is fantastic!  Our active boy loves the games and asks us daily to listen to him read so that he can earn his black belt.  I highly recommend the program and look forward to enrolling our son again in the next class." - Heather, Austin, TX 

"I think its an awesome class. My son Trevor had no interest in reading and now is showing interest. I love the idea of the games because it lets the kids have fun while they learn.  Michelle is wonderful and we love her. We will be signing up for the next class for sure." - Marla, Austin, TX

"Winning Learners has meant everything in helping my once reluctant reader blossom into a confident reader.  He even began writing within a few weeks of starting his classes.  He loved his experience so much that he attended three consecutive sessions last year.  Just two weeks ago, he said,  "I think I need to go back to Winning Learners so that when I read words that are hard for me, I can know them better."  I love that!  Joyfully, he'll be participating in the next session.  Michelle creates such a loving and fun environment for the children to improve their reading skills through games they love"  - Shauna, Austin, TX

"My son who is 8 years old can't get enough of Winning Learners!  Michelle has inspired and motivated him to read as much as possible so he can get the coveted black belt in reading!  Not usually one to sit down and read to himself, after participating in WL's, he has spent hours reading alone and he even reads in the car!  The games are a blast  and the teachers are encouraging, fun and supportive." - Christi, Austin, TX

"We love Winning Learners! My first grader was struggling with reading, and starting to hate the process. Winning Learners taught him how to have a really good time while improving his reading skills. The class is tailored to individual needs and goals, so he was never discouraged or overwhelmed.  His confidence regarding reading aloud has increased significantly. He now loves reading, and is so proud to read books to his little brother. Thank you!" - Chasee, Austin, TX

"L is doing SO great!  She's now reading chapter books, and she's drawn to reading for fun all of the time!  You have worked some amazing miracles with her!!!!  I thought you'd be very proud.  She still keeps her log going from time to time, asking to borrow my stopwatch feature on my iPhone...but I think it's more for her personal satisfaction.  She LOVES you and your class and still gives play-by-plays of your games."  - Tiffany, Austin, TX

 "We are seeing clear, steady improvement in his reading and certainly his motivation to read. " - Sharell, Austin, TX

"My ADD son is thriving with Michelle and Winning Learners.  He looks forward to going to class and is finally reading chapter books on his own!  Thank you!" - Jacky, Austin, TX

"Just wanted to thank you for having your Winning Learners camp.  Joey was only able to attend one week but what a difference!
He actually enjoys reading now. The games were engaging and effective.  He thoroughly enjoyed the system of rewards and was so excited to advance to each new belt color." -Michelle G., Austin, TX

"Pairing the camp with the survival camp was genius!  Joey very much enjoyed Mr. Chris and all he taught.  I think he learned more in one week from Mr. Chris than a whole season with the Cub Scouts.
All in all he came away from his camp experience with a new confidence for reading and survival.
Thank you so much for doing this " -Michelle G., Austin, TX

"They regularly ask if today is "game day" and have taken to asking for more reading time in lieu of TV/video game time! "  -Jessica, Austin, TX

"My son has been a reluctant reader.  However, the day after his first class, all of that changed!   He's enthusiastic about practicing and has been taking books off the shelf on his own.  He's even been writing!  He told me, 'I finally just want to learn to read.'  I couldn't be more pleased!" - Shauna, Austin, TX

"My son began reading on his own after the FIRST class! He's even begun to write on his own!" - Margaret, Austin, TX

 "My daughter can't wait to get to Winning Learners class! She looks forward to it every day and misses it on the days she doesn't go. How wonderful to have a once reluctant reader begging to get to "games class".  She's always been nervous about reading aloud, and I'm choking up as I say that fear is now going away thanks to Winning Learners and the incredible, kind instruction she's received there!!" - Wendy, Austin, TX

"My 10 year old daughter hated to read and was having a lot of trouble in school. Getting her to practice reading at home was like pulling teeth. Then I found Winning Learners. Their program has transformed the way my daughter thinks about reading. Her confidence in reading has increased tremendously and now she reads at home willingly! I don't have to struggle with her anymore and she is doing a lot better in school! I cannot recommend Winning Learners enough! They have given my daughter the tools she needs to be a successful and confident reader. The best part about the program is that my daughter loves going to her reading class! I will continue to take my daughter to Winning Learners because it is a great investment in her and we both love the program. " - Michelle, Austin, TX

"My son loved the trial classes! He is formally of the "I hate reading" category." - Gabby, Austin, TX

"Your kids will LOVE this class!" - Kathy, Austin, TX

"The kids are so enthusiastic about being a part of this team! They're talking about the next club they'll get into if they read so many minutes at home or are read to. They don't want to miss the raffles because the prizes are cool. Their team did great in the last relay races, etc., etc." -Sharell, Austin, TX

"My mom sent a sweet gift of money for reading class and my struggling reader pumped the air with his fist and said, "YES! I get to keep going to reading club!"
  -Sharrell, Austin, TX

"We are seeing clear, steady improvement in his reading and certainly his motivation to read.
" - Sharell, Austin, TX
"Pride has replaced frustration in reading and made learning fun again!" -Jae, Austin, TX

"I would like to highly recommend Winning Learners summer workshops. My daughter who didn't like reading came home the second day of this summer camp and told me she was going up to her room to "read". She had never before said she could read! This was stunning and such an endorsement for Winning Learners because her confidence had been boosted and she finally felt she actually COULD read!
My daughter had been seeing a tutor for two months and not once did she show any interest in reading and all it took was two days of Michelle's program to motivate her to pick up a book and tell herself she was reading. And the beginning to success is motivation and confidence which she so obviously gained from only two days of camp. So, if you have a struggling reader, this workshop can motivate, increase vocabulary and give your child the confidence they need.
Not to mention that her older sister, who is an avid reader, can't stand to miss out on the fun so she's doing the camp too!" - Elizabeth, Austin, TX

"My children were so very fortune to attend an AMAZING reading class this summer.  Winning Learners uses a fast-paced, highly motivating approach to encourage your child to reach their potential and lose their fears and inhibitions around reading.  Michelle and Chelle teach with gentle, positive energy bringing compassion and kindness to each individual child.  My 11 yo son was confidently reading GRE level vocabulary words and devouring books at home to reach award goals in class.  My daughter  took so much pride in her progress; always pushing herself to reach the reading goals she had set.  I simply cannot say enough about Winning Learners and highly recommend the class to all." - Deborah, Austin, TX

"My ADHD daughter made more progress with Winning Learners in 3 days than she did with [big chain] in 6 months." - Amy, Austin, TX 

Your child will become a more confident and successful reader.

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